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18 Oct 2020

A Moment of True Bliss

By TU Author

Ramadan 2019. When I was walking into the haram making my way toward the Kaaba I was elated. Not knowing what to expect my thoughts were racing my heart beating fast. Barefoot, step by step I got closer eyes down reading Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk. Allah I am here I am here. I finally reached the Kaaba and raised my eyes. My whole body felt a wave of serene bliss and my mind focused solely on such a magnificent historic structure in awe I raised my hands and made my first supplications. Surreal so surreal this experience was for me subahana’Allah I am where the Prophets of Allah and Sahaba walked. I completed my Tawaaf in a crowd so full of diversity bustling and reciting duas in desperation to Allah.
While walking to and from the mountains Safa and Marwa, I was amazed at how this place was solely dedicated to portraying the strength and patience of a female in history, Hajarah Mother of Ismail A.s. Her story gave me motivation and determined me to carry on while fasting in the Makkah heat.
Wetting my face with the purest of water Zam Zam I felt refreshed and forgot the blaring sun, making my way down to trim my hair Alhamdulillah my Umrah was complete. For the first time in my life, I felt overwhelmed with feelings I could not describe. All praise is due to Allah the Most Merciful!
As the week passed, I spent my days reading the search of the most beloved one Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, outside of the Kaabah. I understand the trials and tribulations he went through for us clearer; I understand how the most beloved fought so hard to spread a beautiful message and how he struggled each day trying to protect us his Ummah from ourselves. I realize how cruel the disbelievers were to the companions of our beloved, torturing them in the mountains of Makkah and fighting them at mount Uhud. Such profound history SubhanAllah.
A week passed and it was time to say farewell, my last tawaaf, as I sit here and write this my eyes tear up as they did when I had to leave Makkah. It was like I was being pulled away by force onto my next destination. I had no choice but to go.
Sat in the back of a car I bid farewell to the precious mountains of Makkah, how beautiful they looked holding such a tragic history. True legends and lions of this beautiful Islam have climbed you I thought.

Arriving in Madinah my heart became calm and mind peaceful again. When I walked into the haram approaching where the most beloved of creations was buried, my eyes started flowing with Allah’s mercy. I was near my Nabi, My Nabi peace and blessings be upon him was in the same vicinity as I. Allah is the most kind only with His permission was, I allowed to enter and give my salaam upon His beautiful magnificent creation.
I prayed my 2 rakah in Riyadh ul Jannah and it was time for me to approach the kings that lay beyond. I uttered the words Peace, blessings and glad tidings be upon you Umar r.a and Abu Bakar r.a, and then nervously and with utter humility, I said peace and blessings, glad tidings be upon you the most beloved creation of Allah, Oh my beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon you. In hopes that Allah announced my salaam to him. I thought do I, a sinner deserve to be in your presence oh perfect being.
My time in my beloved’s city Madinah came to an end, Ramadhan was nearly ending too, the harams were alive with people congregating for Tarawih and suhoor. It’s like we hardly ever slept there was too much goodness and blessings available for sleep.
My heart broke leaving my beloved’s city and leaving his presence was the worst thing I experienced. Life being surrounded by Allah’s most loved ones is priceless even if only for two weeks.
May Allah the Most Merciful allow all believers to experience this phenomenal trip once in a lifetime. Aameen.