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30 Dec 2023

Understanding the Busy Times for Umrah and Best Travel Times and Hotel Prices

By TU Author

Performing Umrah in Makkah and Madinah is a spiritually enriching experience, but it can be affected by the time of year you choose to go. Understanding the busy periods, ideal travel times, and hotel prices can significantly enhance your pilgrimage.

Busy Times for Umrah

Peak Seasons:

The busiest times for Umrah are typically during the school holiday periods. Pilgrims should avoid performing Umrah during these times due to massive queues and overcrowded conditions.

Ramadan is another peak period, especially the last ten nights, which are highly significant in Islam. Despite the spiritual atmosphere being profound, many people fast during this time, which can impact the overall experience.

Less Crowded Periods:

The least crowded month for Umrah is Safar, which falls around mid-August to mid-September. This period is after the Hajj season and before the winter months, resulting in fewer pilgrims

Weekdays, specifically Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, are noted as the least crowded days for Umrah

Hotel Prices

Average Hotel Prices:

In Madinah:

– Luxury hotels can start from £250 a night​​.

– More affordable options range from £180 to £120 per night​​​​.

– Budget-friendly hotels offer rooms at around £40 per night

Im Makkah:

– In less busy seasons, top hotels start at about £100 per night, while during Ramadan, prices can range from £250 to £450 for the last 10 nights​​.

– Swissotel Makkah offers rooms starting from £190 per night in off-peak times​​.

– Prices for hotels like Hilton Suites Makkah can be around £160 per night in the off-season​​.

– For budget-conscious travelers, options like Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel start from £100 per night​​.

Ideal Stay Duration

The ideal stay duration depends on personal schedules and the rituals you intend to perform. However, a period of 7 to 14 days is commonly recommended. This allows enough time for both the religious rites and exploring the cities of Makkah and Madinah.


Planning your Umrah during the less crowded months not only ensures a more peaceful experience but also can be more economical regarding hotel stays. By considering these factors, pilgrims can make the most of their spiritual journey.