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26 Feb 2020

Welcome to Travel Umrah

By TU Author

What is Travel Umrah?

TravelUmrah is a new challenger in the umrah travel industry. We’re focused on making your umrah booking easy.

We’re building an online platform that will smartly create umrah packages based around you and your needs. You will be shown live prices for the dates you want to travel and be able to book your umrah online.

How are we different from other agencies?

We’re fundamentally different because our entire experience is designed around your PC or Smartphone. The way we currently book umrah needs an update and for that we have technology in mind. We will be one of the first online umrah bookable service. No more wasting time chasing around travel agencies! Do it in the comfort of your own home.

Help us build TravelUmrah

Here at TravelUmrah, we’re building the kind of umrah agency we wish existed. We want you to be part of that journey. We have majority of the features ready. This includes live flight and hotels prices, algorithm that creates a complete umrah package based on your needs and much more.

We are stuck, as we currently do not have the licences that are required for us to sell those packages. We are in the process of applying for ATOL which will allow us to operate as an online travel agency.

So while it’s still early days we have the search facility in place and ready to be used. It’s a chance to get a sneak preview of early features and to help create the kind of umrah travel agency you’d like to use.

And what do you want from me?

First of all, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Does it make your life easier? What’s missing?. You should expect to encounter various bugs and snags — this is a very early preview and your feedback will help us improve.

So, you’re not a travel agency?

We’re not. We’re currently applying for ATOL and some other licenses. You will be able to search and view live packages. Although, you can’t currently book via our site once you have found your package we have links to external sites such as, Expedia, Kayak and other similar sites (similar to Trivago for hotels or Skyscanner for flights).

What to expect?

Internet companies often release “Beta” products, indicating a degree of incompleteness. You will experience problems with this product, especially early on. Things will inevitably not work as expected. But we’ll work hard to fix those problems as quickly as we can.

We’d like to invite you to contact us any time with ideas and questions. You can reach us on Facebook (@TravelUmrahOnline) or email us at

This is your opportunity to be part of the conversation and help shape the future of umrah booking. Welcome to TravelUmrah!